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What is an AED?

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An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is a tool that saves lives. AEDs are available in many in shopping centers, casinos, health clubs, restaurants, sports facilities, churches, workplaces and even private homes.

Every day in the US, about 1,000 people suffer sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Fifty percent of SCA victims have no prior indication of heart disease and more than nine out of ten die before reaching the hospital.

SCA victims are unresponsive, lose consciousness, stop breathing and have no pulse. Most often, the victim is suffering from a heart rhythm disorder called ventricular fibrillation, where the heart becomes unable to effectively pump blood through the body. The best way to correct the heart rhythm is with the delivery of a proper electrical impulse to the chest (defibrillation).

AEDs are lightweight and remarkably simple to use. An AED can detect if the victim's heart needs defibrillation and then guide you through the rescue with pictures and audible instructions.

It makes good sense to locate an AED any place where people gather, and to have people trained, willing and able to use it. Like a first-aid kit, the AED is an important part of any complete emergency response program.

Southwest CPR will help you acquire the most appropriate AED for your facility, teach you how to use it and help you manage your equipment and staff so you are always ready for a cardiac emergency.

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