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HeartSine samaritan Pediatric-Pak™


The PEDIATRIC-Pak™ includes both a battery and one set defibrillation pads in an “all-in-one” system cartridge. There is only one expiration date to monitor.

PEDIATRIC-PAK™ is intended for use on patients who are over one year old and less than eight years old, weighing less than 55 pounds.

Caution: The item can only be used on Heartsine samaritan, Model 300P.

Each Pad-Pak™ enables a HeartSine samaritan to provide at least six hours of continuous monitoring, 60 shocks or a combination of both. The samaritan prompts the user when battery power is down to 10 shocks or less. Each Pediatric-Pak is warranted for 4 years from date of manufacture.


  • Manufactured by: HeartSine

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