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AED Support Services

Southwest CPR - AED Support Services

Our AED services are unparalleled. We offer free on-site assessments to help determine which AED is best for your facility. We have great prices on all AED equipment and can provide you complete support for the lifetime of your device.

Which is the best AED for your facility? Is the device ready when needed? What happens after the AED is used?

Southwest CPR will help you answer all these questions. We understand the capabilities and differences of all AEDs, and can make AED ownership simple and easy.

We'll come to your facility, assess your needs and help you make the right equipment selections. We'll help you create and maintain your documentation. We'll train your staff to properly use the device. We can perform periodic equipment inspections to assure readiness. We'll help you conduct and evaluate drills. We'll track battery and pad expiry and employee certification status.

Should an AED be used in an emergency, we'll ready it for future operation. We'll review the event and report back to you, so you can know what was done right and where you might improve your response.

Someday, you may be called on to assist during an emergency cardiac arrest. It's reassuring to know that Southwest CPR is there to help you prepare.

We've got it covered

Onsite equipment assessment Documentation assistance
AED training Periodic Inspections
Readiness drills EMS registration

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